Math 310 - Fall, 2017

What I do in class may differ significantly from the notes, so don't use them as a substitute for attending.

Textbook: I'll use my lecture notes. If you want a book as an additional reference, try The Book of Proof by Richard Hammack. Hammack's book is free: Download the PDF. However, I'm not following Hammack's book, nor will I use it for homework assignments. I will post homework assignments below.

Fall Grades Done

Fall grades are done. Anyone who mailed me for their final exam and course grades by Wednesday morning, December 20, has gotten mail back from me. I won't be around till spring term starts. If you need to get in touch with me, send email but be patient, as I will not be checking mail regularly. Fall course pages will probably be removed a week or two after finals, so if there's anything you didn't grab that you want, you should get it now. Have a good vacation!

Mod Program for the TI 82/83/84

You can enter a short program to get a mod function if you have a TI 83 or 84.

Problem Sets

Problem Set Solutions

Solutions to the problem sets will be posted after the problem sets have been collected. Once solutions have been posted, you can't get credit for that problem set.

Review Sheets

The review sheets are to help you study, and contain problems and their solutions. (There's nothing for you to turn in.)

Review Session Notes

I used to hold in-person review sessions, but stopped due to low attendance. The notes and videos for the review sessions are linked below. They may not be in sync with the tests, so check the review sheets to see what you're responsible for.

These are notes [PDF] for the Review Sessions. Use them if you want to print them out or read them.

These are videos for the review sessions. You'll see me writing solutions to selected problems as I talk through the answers. I don't do all of the problems in the printed notes above.

If you're having personal problems: Please consider seeing Counseling Services. They're on the 3rd floor of Lyle Hall; they're free and confidential, and they've helped many of my students. It's natural to want to fix things yourself, but if your problems are causing you to miss class, to get behind in courses, or to get poor grades, it's best to get help.

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