Solutions to Problem Set 3

Math 310/520


1. You visit an island where each person always tells the truth (a truth-teller) or always lies ( a liar). You meet two residents of the island, Calvin Butterball and Phoebe Small.

Calvin says: "Phoebe and I are both liars."

Determine whether each person is a truth-teller or a liar, or whether the situation is impossible. Explain your reasoning in words.

Suppose that Calvin is a truth-teller. Then his statement is true, and he and Phoebe are both liars. This contradicts the assumption that he's a truth-teller. Hence, this case is ruled out.

Hence, Calvin must be a liar. Therefore, his statement is false, and it's not the case that he and Phoebe are both liars. Since he is a liar, and since both of them can't be liars, Phoebe must be a truth-teller.

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