Math 311 - Spring, 2018

Note:The notes are often incomplete, I haven't written up notes on all the topics, and the notes are often different from what I do in class. They're provided in case you find them useful.


These are handouts from class. Often they summarize material from the notes.

Software for Math 311

You'll need some software to plot surfaces for a couple of the problem sets, and you may find it useful in checking your work. While there are many software packages you could use, I'll support two: Mathematica and maxima.

After getting the software, use one of the tutorials below.

Problem Sets

Problem Sets are due by the end of class on the days listed below (and on the problem sheets. You don't need to print out the problem sheets (but you may if you wish); you can do the work on the problem sheets or on separate pieces of paper. (Staple everything together, please.) Be sure you've attempted at least the required number of problems to receive credit.

[Tuesday, February 6] There was a typo in Problem 6 of P.S. 9. (There were two parts labelled "(b)"; the parts should have been "(a), (b), (c)".) It has been corrected in the copy linked below. The content of the problems hasn't changed, so if you used the old problem sheet that's okay.

Math 311 - Homework Assignments

Problem Set Due Date Examples
Problem Set 1 Thursday, January 25 Examples for Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2 Friday, January 26 Examples for Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3 Monday, January 29 Examples for Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4 Tuesday, January 30 Examples for Problem Set 4
Problem Set 5 Thursday, February 1 Examples for Problem Set 5
Problem Set 6 Friday, February 2 Examples for Problem Set 6
Problem Set 7 Monday, February 5 Examples for Problem Set 7
Problem Set 8 Tuesday, February 6 Examples for Problem Set 8
Problem Set 9 Thursday, February 8 Examples for Problem Set 9
Problem Set 10 Friday, February 9 Examples for Problem Set 10
Problem Set 11 Monday, February 12 Examples for Problem Set 11
Problem Set 12 Tuesday, February 13 Examples for Problem Set 12
Problem Set 13 Thursday, February 15 Examples for Problem Set 13
Problem Set 14 Friday, February 16 Examples for Problem Set 14
Problem Set 15 Monday, February 19 Examples for Problem Set 15
Problem Set 16 Tuesday, February 20 Examples for Problem Set 16

Problem Set Solutions

Solutions to the problem sets will be posted after the problem sets have been collected.

Review Sheets

Review Sheets are to help you study. They are not sample tests. The presence of a problem on a review sheet does not mean there will be a problem like it on the test. And there may be test problems which are not like review sheet problems.

If you're having personal problems: Please consider seeing Counseling Services. They're on the 3rd floor of Lyle Hall; they're free and confidential, and they've helped many of my students. It's natural to want to fix things yourself, but if your problems are causing you to miss class, to get behind in courses, or to get poor grades, it's best to get help.

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