Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee

1996-97 Annual Report

Submitted by Richard Mainzer

96-97 Members Representing Term Expires
Kelsey Backels Counseling & Human Development 1999
Kathy Gregoire Social Work 1999
Bea Grosh Psychology 1997
Jill Henke Communications & Theater 1999
Richard Mainzer Special Education 1998
Delray Schultz Math 1999
Tracy Weis History 1997
Liz Hakemian Student 1997
Shelby Linton Student 1997
Jim Stager Academic Affairs

Monthly, on second Wednesdays during the school year at 3:00 PM; average attendance about six.

Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions:
Conducted a follow-up workshop on portfolio assessment.
Revived newsletter: Improving Outcomes.
Various committee members attended several state and regional workshops dealing directly with outcomes assessment.
Committee chair continues to represent the university on the SSHE Outcomes Assessment Resource committee.
Took a team of Millersville people to the SSHE Outcomes assessment workshop in the Fall 1996.
Organized and submitted a university-wide grant for the improvement of outcomes assessment at Millersville University.
Above Grant funded.
Conducted a two day workshop attended by teams from 50% of the departments on outcomes assessment with Dr. Nichols.
Scheduled a Fall 1997 repaeat of the Dr. Nichols two day workshop.
Produced a procedure for disseminating special funds to departments to support outcomes assessment endeavors.
Scheduled and conducted monthly grant coordinators evaluation meetings.

Matters currently in committee:
Planning for the activities planned for next year.
Dissemination of information regarding workshops and conferences dealing with outcomes assessment.

Future plans:
Continue disseminating information on improving outcomes assessment.
Publish Improving Outcomes.
Assist departments by reviewing Program Outcomes Assessment Plans.

Additional information/comments:
Schedule of meetings conducted 1996-97: Sep. 18th, Oct. 16th, Nov. 20th, Feb. 19th, Mar 19th,., May 14th.
Schedule of meetings planned for 1997-98: Sep 10th, Oct 8th, Nov 12th, Dec 10th, Feb 11th, Mar 11th, Apl 8th, May 13th.