Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee

1998-99 Annual Report

Submitted by Cheryl Desmond, Chairperson

98-99 Member Department Term Expires
Kelsey Backels Counseling & HD 1999
Eric Blazer Business 1999
Cheryl Desmond Ed. Foundations 2000
Jill Henke Communications 2000
Yvonne King Elementary Education 1999
Lyman Rickard Chemistry 2000
Delray Schultz Mathematics 2000
James Stager Academic Affairs
Tracey Weis History 2000
Dan Allen Student 1999

5 meetings were held during the academic year (9/10/98, 11/12/98, 12/10/98, 3/11/99, and 4/19/99). Formal minutes were taken. Average attendance was 6 members.

Motions forwarded to Senate:
No motions were forwarded to Senate.

Other Deliberations/Actions

  1. Committee reviewed University departmental assessment progress and developed guidelines for departmental reports and recommended that each department submit an assessment timeline beginning Spring 1999.
  2. Two University Assessment Newsletters were produced and distributed to all University staff.
  3. Grant amounts approved from December 1998 application to University assessment budget and SSHE Assessment Grant included
    1. Co-op Survey - $1,740
    2. Psychology GRE test - $7,200
    3. Nursing Data input - $750
    4. Ed. Foundations - PDI Leadership Pilot - $3,750
    5. Chemistry GRE test - $675
Matters Currently in Committee:

Future Plans:
Newsletter will be replaced with webpage. University Forum on Assessment will be held at the Academic Excellence Center.

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