Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee

1999-00 Annual Report

Submitted by Cheryl T. Desmond, Chair

1999-2000 Members Department Term Expires
Kelsey Backels Counseling 2000
Cheryl Desmond Ed. Foundations 2000
Jill Henke Communication 2000
Bea Grosh Provost appointee 2001
Bill Krumske Business Admin. 2001
Lyman Rickard Provost appointee 2000
Jennifer Ritter Elem. Ed. 2001
Delray Schultz Mathematics 2000
James Stager Provost designee

Five meetings were held during the academic year (10/26/99, 11/30/99, 2/21/00, 3/28/00, and 4/25/00). A subcommittee meeting met 3/15/00. Formal minutes were taken. Average attendance was 5 members and Dr. Stager.

Motions forwarded to Senate:
No motions were forwarded to Senate.

Other Deliberations/Actions

  1. Committee reviewed the departmental assessment responses for the Middle States Self Study Report.
  2. Committee heard report from the Chair of the General Education Review Committee.
  3. Committee planned and implemented an AOAC Assessment Forum for the University Community to engage faculty in discussion on assessment progress and to value the work of all in preparation for the Middle States Accreditation visit in March 2000. The forum was held 4/19/2000 in the Lehr Room, Bolger Conference Center. Approsimately 45 people attended.

Matters Currently in Committee:

Future Plans:
The Committee will continue to serve as a review body of the University's assessment plans and progress.

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