Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Policies Committee

2000-01 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 5/1/01 by Rich France, Chair

2000-01 Members
Rich France Mathematics
Kelsey Backels Counseling and Human Development
Tom Bell Industry & Technology
Muhammad Chaudhary Computer Science
Mike Gumpper Economics
Alan Kelly English
Andre Moine Foreign Languages
Zhoude Shao Mathematics
Sandor Szollos Psychology
Candace Deen Ex-officio
James Stager Ex-officio

Meetings: Five meetings were held during the academic year (2000-2001). No formal minutes were taken at any of the meetings. Average attendance was 7 members.

Motions Forwarded to Senate:

  1. Revised CLEP Test Policy. Approved by Faculty Senate, 17 April, 2001
  2. Change in the Drop/Add period. Approved by Faculty Senate, 17 April, 2001
  3. Awarding of Posthumous degrees. To be considered on 1 May, 2001
  4. Class Attendance Policy. To be considered on 1 May, 2001

Other Deliberations/Actions:
Counting courses in Thematic areas: Forwarded to Gen Ed Committee

Course Repeat Policy: Some problems will probably need to be ironed out. The Registrar's office will collect data at the end of the current semester regarding the number of students who will fall under the provisions of the policy. To be discussed again next academic year.

Matters Currently in Committee:

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