Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Policies Committee

2001-2002 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 5/1/02 by Rich France, Chair

2001-02 Members Term Expires
Rich France Chair
*Kelsey Backels Counseling and Human Development 2002
Barry David Industrial Technology 2003
*Muhammad Chaudhary Computer Science 2002
*Mike Gumpper Economics 2002
Mark Iannone Chemistry 2003
*Andre Moine Foreign Languages 2002
**Sandor Szollos Psychology 2002, not eligible for re-election
Candace Deen Ex-officio
Carol Phillips Ex-officio

Two seats are currently vacant and four others are up for re-election if they wish.

Meetings: Eight meetings were held during the academic year (2001-2002). No formal minutes were taken at any of the meetings. Average attendance was 7 members.

Motions Forwarded to Senate:

  1. Approval Process for Liberal Arts Core courses (to be considered by FS on 7 May)
    This item was considered by the committee through much of the fall term and well into the spring term.
  2. A new policy on grade of (I), Incomplete

Other Deliberations:
Course Repeat Policy: Some problems still exist. The Registrar's office can now identify (in some automated fashion) those students who are repeating, but the policy has yet to be fully implemented. To be discussed again next academic year.
Changing statements about the CLEP tests.

Matters Currently in Committee:
Splitting Liberal Arts Core course counting for Humanities courses (HUM) and the actual language courses. This item likely will be finished early in the fall term.

A new policy dealing with academic appeals.

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