Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Academic Policies Committee

2005-2006 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 6/21/06 by Lillie S. West, Chair

2005-06 Members   Term Expires
Lillie West Chair  
Gwen Beegle Education 2006
Kazi Hosain Education 2007
Beverly Schneller Humanities - English 2007
Michelle White Non-School - ASD 2006
Mark Iannone Science - Chemistry 2006
Michael Wismer Math 2007
John Wright At-Large 2006
Candace Deen Ex-officio  
Carol Phillips Ex-officio  
Shane Loercher Student Representative  

Two seats are currently vacant and four others are up for re-election if they wish.

Meetings: Nine meetings were held during the academic year (2005-2006). No formal minutes were taken at any of the meetings. Average attendance was 8 members. Items considered during the fall semester included Academic Load Policy, Distance Learning (DL) Course Approval Process, and Drop/Add Procedures. Items considered during the spring semester included Course Prerequisite Proposal and discussion of Commonality Policies.

Motions Forwarded to Senate:

  1. Academic Load Policy was approved by Faculty Senate on 3/7/2006.
  2. Distance Learning (DL) Course Approval Process was revisited. Revisions were made to the definition of "blended courses." The proposal was approved by Faculty Senate on 3/21/2006.
  3. Course Prerequisite Proposal was approved by Faculty Senate on 6/20/2006.

Other Deliberations:
Commonalities Policies: The State System of Higher Education has initiated a review of and revision of "academic policies that are not currently common or standard across the State System." The APC committee reviewed and made recommendations for 18 academic policies.

Matters Currently in Committee:
Commonalities Policies: Numerous academic policies are being considered pending information and recommendations from the State System of Higher Education.

Drop/Add Policy: Discussion of having concurrent dates for drop/add and clarification of drop/add period for winter and summer sessions.

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