Millersville University, Faculty Senate

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Academic Policies Committee
DATE: April 15, 1997


To replace the current wording of Item 12 of the Academic Minors Program Criteria on p. 70 of the Governance Manual:

With the following new wording/policy:

12. In the selection and completion of an academic minor, the following rules will apply:

#1 Item 12's current wording was designed to close a loophole in a previous GM which would have allowed a student to major and minor in the same program ("a Mathematics major minoring in Mathematics", see APC memo to Faculty Senate concerning Academic Minors Policy, 11 October 1991).
#2 It is the present APC's conclusion that the existing policy is unduly restrictive. The "dual counting" of one required course in the major and the minor should not be interpreted as a violation of the spirit of the minor program.
#3 The proposed policy also procides a framework for the several interdepartmental minors (African-American Studies, International Studies and Women's Studies) which now exist at the university.
#4 The proposed wording in Item 12c. retains the original intent of the existing Item 12.

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