Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Admission, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee

1999-2000 Annual Report

Submitted 5/3/00 by Joseph F. Lynch, Chair

99-00 Members Representing Term Expires
Rebecca Mowrey, HPED Faculty Member 2002
Delray Schultz, Math Faculty Member 2002
Paul Studdard, Library Faculty Member 2001
Bruce Ikenaga, Math Faculty Member 2001
Jane Alden, Eng Faculty Member 2001
Mary Ann Gray-Schlegel, El. Ed. Faculty Member 2000
Audrey Kirchner, El. Ed. Faculty Member 2000
Joseph Lynch, Cns. & Hum. Dev. Chair/Senator 2000
Frank Pustay (student) Student Senator
Margaret Sayago(student) Student Senator
Jennifer Pottsin Student Senator


Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions: (not requiring Senate approval)

Matters currently in committee:

Additional Information/Comments:

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