Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Admission, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee

2001-2002 Annual Report

Submitted 5/10/02 by Joseph F. Lynch, Chair

01-02 Members Representing Term Expires
Paul Studdard, LIBRARY Faculty Member '04
Bruce Ikenaga, MATH Faculty Member '04
Kelsey Backels, CNS. & HUM. DEV. Faculty Member '04
Pat Brislin, MATH Faculty Member '03
James Valle, EL.ED. Faculty Member '03
Joseph Lynch, CNS. & HUM. DEV Chair/Senator '03
Rebecca Mowrey, WELLNESS & SPORT SCI. Faculty Member '02
Delray Schultz, MATH Faculty Member '02

(Student members never came forward.)

One meeting was held on March 13, 2002 during the academic year. The Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Robert Thomas, requested that the committee review the newly proposed Student Code of Conduct. Several suggestions were made by the committee and Dr. Thomas will follow-up with the committee once the suggestions are considered.

Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions: (not requiring Senate approval)

Matters currently in committee:

Additional Information/Comments:
The senate is in the process of reviewing its committees. The recommendation was made that the chair send a memo to departments within Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs describing the duties of the committee and offering its feedback on any relevant matters. The memo is presently being reviewed by the Vice-President of Student Affairs and will be distributed once received back from him.

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