Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Admission, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee

2003-2004 Annual Report

Submitted 5/20/04 by Joseph F. Lynch, Chair

03-04 Members Representing Term Expires
J. Lynch, CNS. & HUM. DEV. Chair/senator '06
D. Schultz, MATH Faculty Member '06
J. Sciarretta, DEV STUDIES Faculty Member '06
A. Lopez, PSYCH Faculty Member '05
Z. Shao, MATH Faculty Member '05
P. Studdard, LIBRARY Faculty Member '04
B. Ikenaga, MATH Faculty Member '04
K. Backels, CNS & HUM DEV Faculty Member '04


Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions: (not requiring Senate approval)
As recommended by Faculty Senate a memo was sent out to department heads of Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs inviting them to utilize this committee if receiving input from faculty would be helpful. (Memo is attached)

Matters currently in committee:

Future Plans
Respond to any requests from Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs to have committee review questions brought for consideration and feedback.

Additional Information/Comments:

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