Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Admission, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee


TO: Dr. Robert Thomas, Vice-President for Student Affairs
Dr. Michelle White, Director of Academic Advisement
Dr. Douglas Zander, Director of Admissions
FROM: Dr. Joseph F. Lynch, Chair, Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee
DATE: October 15, 2003
SUBJECT: Admissions, Advisement and Student Affairs Committee

The Faculty Senate has recently been reviewing their committees and has made the recommendation to me as chairperson to inform the appropriate department heads of the committee's role, and invite them to utilize this committee if receiving faculty input would be helpful. The Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs Committee is a University wide committee which was formed to address issues coming to the attention of faculty senate which focused on topics related to Admissions, Advisement, and Student Affairs. The Governance Manual lists the following as functions of the committee:

Please feel free to contact me at 872-3297 or faculty senate if there is a matter that you would like this committee to review.

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