Millerville University, Faculty Senate

Committee on Centrally Administered Cooperative Education/Internship Programs

1995-1996 Annual Report

The membership consists of a representative from each participating department. This past year the committee met three times each semester.

The Program--Success and achievement describe the last twelve months for the program. This was highlighted by the accomplishment of a coop student from Computer Science at Air Products, being named National Co-op Student of the Year. Additionally, Jody Burkett, dual major in English/Speech Communication, was one of fifty students selected for the FBI Honors Internship.

In the Fall '95 semester there were 68 student placements. They earned 223 credits and $92,094.56 in salary. In the Summer '95 there were 141 student placements. They earned 464 credits and $338,716 in salary. In the Fall and Summer combined, 142 of the 201 placements (71%) were paid positions. In the Spring'96 semester there were 120 student placements. They earned 435 credits. Salary figures for this semester are not yet finalized.

Alumni and current students are contributing to the program in several different ways. Webpage development will be helped by Nate Auvil who is doing a summer co-op at ISSC in Tampa, FL. Our student handbook and our brochure are also being redesigned by former co-op students Heather Malles and Scott Gore, respectively.

Administrative--After several spirited meetings, we have constructed a list of additional optional program requirements. These include additional research, presentations, journals, etc. Individual departments will determine which of the new elements they will incorporate into their co-op/internship requirements.

Activities--Director Diane Fleishman served as the Conference Chair for the 1995 Mid Atlantic Conference of the Cooperative Education Association in the Fall. Dr. Bill Dorman made a presentation at the conference on cooperative education and alumni networking.

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