Millerville University, Faculty Senate

Centrally Administered Cooperative Education/Internship Programs Comm.

2003-2004 Annual Report

Submitted 5/11/04 by William J. Dorman, Chair

Membership - All departments participating in the cooperative education program at the university designate a representative (See page two for complete listing). Diane Fleishman is the director of the program.

2003-2004 Members Representing
Academic Affairs Carol Phillips
Art Mr. Leonard Ragouzeos
Biology Dr. L. Whisenton-Davidson
Business Administration Dr. Ferdinand Molz
Co-Op Office Ms. Diane Fleischman
Chemistry Dr. Laura Anna
Comm & Thea Dr. William Dorman
Computer Science Dr. David Hutchens
Earth Science Dr. Alex DeCaria
Economics Dr. Osman Suliman
Ed Foundations Dr. Rich Frerichs
Elementary Ed Dr. Judith Wenrich
English Dr. Beverly Schneller
Foreign Languages Dr. Leroy Hopkins
Geography Dr. Kathleen Schreiber
History Dr. Ronald Frankum
Industry & Tech Dr. Barry David
Internt'l Studies Dr. Kirsten Bookmiller
Mathematics Dr. James Fenwick
Music Dr. Mark Sheridan-Rabideau
OSEH Dr. Daniel Anna
Physics Dr. John Dooley
Political Science Dr. Terry Madonna
Dr. Charles Greenawalt
Psychology Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El
Social Work Dr. Richard Fulmer
Sociology/Anthropology Dr. Mary Glazier
Special Education Dr. Thomas Neuville

  • The committee met once each semester, and also conducted business via e-mail. Based on research that showed that more than 80% of the students participating in the program having junior or senior status, the committee approved renumbering the department's offerings, and eliminated Coop 200.

  • An assistant director was added to the office staff, and an AmeriCorps VISTA member has also been added to the office. With the added responsibilities of the service learning efforts on campus, this continues to be a very busy place.

  • The table below shows the participation in the Coop/Internship program during the last year.

    Co-Op/Internship Totals
    Summer '03 Fall '03 spring '04 Totals
    Students 115 80 148 343 +18%
    Credits 372 260 477 1109 +24%
    Earnings $248,269 $126,832 $206,478 $581,579 +8%

    Service Learning
    In addition to the Cooperative Education Program, the office now administers the campus service learning program. During the last year, service learning efforts

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