Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Faculty Student Athletic Committee

2001-2002 Annual Report

Submitted 5-2-02 by Richard Frerichs, Chair

2000-2001 membership:
Dan Audette Men's Athletics Director
Mark Burke Coach
Darrell Davis Administrative Staff
Rich Frerichs Chair
Richard Glenn Faculty Athletic Representative
Doreen McAfee Women's Athletic Director
Jen Miller Faculty
Shannon Myers Student
Phil Riordan Administrative Staff
Delray Schultz Faculty
Melinda Rosenthal Faculty
Matt Stoltzfus Student
Amy Trostle Student
Barbara Waltman Coach


The committee met 7 times during the academic year. The usual meeting time is 12:00 noon, on the first Wednesday of the month.

Motions/Recommendation Forwarded to Senate:


Other deliberations and actions:

Matters currently in committee:

Future plans:

Additional Information/comments:


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