Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Graduate Course and Program Review Committee

2000-2001 Annual Report

Submitted 5-1-01 by Richard Kerper, Chairperson

00-01 Members Representing Term Expires
Richard Kerper Chair, elected by
Faculty Senate
Marianne Kerlavage Art Members are not elected.
Seats are held by graduate program coordinators.
Daniel Yocum Biological Sciences
Alice Meckley (4-25-01) Early Childhood Education
Nancy Smith Educational Leadership
Michael Dianna Elementary Education
Robert Carballo English
Leroy Hopkins Foreign Languages
Saulius Suziedelis History
Bernard Schroeder Mathematics
Barbara Haus Nursing
Mary Ann Gray-Schlegel Reading Education
Helena Tuleya-Payne Psychology & School Counseling
Lucinda Ridley Special Education
Abdelhadi Halawa Sport Management
Joseph McCade Technology Education
Vacant Graduate Student Assn.
Vacant Graduate Student Assn.
Ex Officio Members Representing
Francine McNairy Provost
Duncan Perry Dean, Graduate Studies

Last Wednesday of month, 3-4:30 PM; average attendance = 9 members

Motions forwarded to Senate:

10-25-00 Approval of new courses:
BUAD 561 Auditing
BUAD 605 Business and Its Environment
BUAD 610 Legal Issues in Business
BUAD 630 Marketing Management
BUAD 631 Buyer Behavior
BUAD 640 Financial Management
BUAD 641 Investments and Portfolio Management
BUAD 650 The Management Process
BUAD 659 Strategy and Policy
BUAD 660 Managerial and Cost Accounting
ECON 620 Managerial Economics
10-25-00 Approval of new program, Master of Business Administration
10-29-00 Approval of new course, PSYC 511 Substance-Related Disorders
Approval of policy regarding graduate diplomas and certificates being awarded posthumously
4-25-01 Approval of program proposals:
Admission to Professional Educator Programs
Completion of Professional Educator Programs
Approval of new courses:
BUAD 653 Operations Management
BUAD 632 Relationship Marketing
EDFN 560 Post Baccalaureate Climinal Practicum in Student Teaching

Other deliberations/actions:

The committee tabled revision of the M.Ed. Professional Core.

The Committee approved a procedural change in the signing of a Master's Thesis. The signature page will include the signatures of the thesis committee, effective April 1, 2000.

Faculty Senate sent the Senate-approved proposal to change the M.Ed. Professional Core back to committee along with the concerns expressed by the Provost. A sub-committee is being formed to review the issues and to recommend a plan of action to the Committee.

Matters currently in committee:

The committee will reactivate a review of best practices for the Graduate Committee, graduate programs, and graduate coordinators in the fall.

The committee is reviewing the policy for the reactivation of graduate courses.

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