Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Graduate Course and Program Review Committee

2001-2002 Annual Report

Submitted 5/6/02 by Rebecca J. Mowrey, Chairperson

2001-2002 Committee Members Graduate Program
R. Mowrey, Chairperson,
elected Faculty Senate
Sport Management
M. Kerlavage Art
L. Hopkins Foreign Languages
B. Haus Nursing
S. Suziedelis History
J. Wenrich Elementary Education
R. Carballo English
C. Haferkamp Psychology
E. Rohena Special Education
M. Gray-Schlegel Reading Education
A. Meckley Early Childhood Education
D. Yocom Biology
J. McCade Industrial Technology Education
N. Smith Educational Leadership
B. Schroeder Mathematics
H. Cox Business Management
D. Perry Dean, Graduate Studies

Regularly scheduled meetings are held from 3-4:30 PM on the last Wednesday of each month.
Meeting Date Attendance
10/31/01 11
11/28/01 12
02/27/02 11
03/27/02 11
04/27/02 11

Motions and Policies Forwarded to Senate:
Approved11/20/01 = EDFN 345; EDSP 561; EDMU 561; EDFN 561
Approved 03/05/02 = Guidelines for Preparation and Approval of Proposals (joint GCPRC and UCPRC procedures)

Other Issues: Joint meeting with Acting Registrar regarding academic computing needs (DARS) to support the graduate programs.
The desire for MU to provide some formal recognition to students completing Post-Baccalaureate Certification
Consideration of student recruitment and communication initiatives
The need for release time for graduate program coordinators in addition to the MBA program.

Matters currently in committee: Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Selection of new Dean.
Implementation of DARS to support graduate studies
Review of release time for graduate program coordinators
Graduate Education Mission Statement
Implementation of recognition of Post-Baccalaureate Certification students

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