Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Graduate Course and Program Review Committee

2002-2003 Annual Report

Submitted 5/1/03 by Rebecca J. Mowrey, Chairperson

2001-2002 Committee Members Representing Term Expires
Rebecca Mowrey Chair, elected by Faculty Senate 2004
Marianne Kerlavage Art Members are not elected,
Seats are held by
graduate program coordiators
Daniel Yocom Biological Sciences
Joseph Galante Business Administration
Alice Meckley Early Childhood Education
Nancy Smith Educational Leadership
Judith Wenrich Elementary Education
Alan Kelly English
Rosario Caminero Foreign Languages
Saulius Suziedelis History
Bernard Schroeder Mathematics
Barbara Haus Nursing
Mary Ann Gray-Schlegel Reading Education
Claudia Haferkamp Psychology & School Counseling
Elba Rohena Special Education
Rebecca Mowrey Sport Management
Thomas Bell Technology Education
vacant Graduate Student Assn.
vacant Graduate Student Assn.

Ex Officio Members Representing
Francine McNairy Provost
Steven Centola Acting Dean of Graduate Studies

Last Wednesday of month, 2-3:30 PM; average attendance=14 members

Motions forwarded to Senate:
NURS 799 Applied Supersion: School Health Services
EDFN 530 Instructional Technology, Design, and Assessment
BUAD 586-589 Special Topics in Business Administration
BUAD 686-689 Special Topics in Business Administration
BUAD 691 Independent Study
ECI 799 Curriculum and Instruction K-12 Supervisory Program
NURS 699 Thesis/NURS 524 Grading Policy
EDSP 562 Post-Baccalaureate Student Teaching
COMM 510 Communication in Organizations
EDUC 533 Literature for Children and Young Adults
ELED 576 Assessment for Instructional Planning
EDSU 799 Applied Supervision: Curriculum and Instruction
BIOL 667 Human Genetics
EDUC 561 Second Language Acquisitions: Theory, Programs, and Assessment
EDUC 562 Methods for Teaching English Language Learners
EDUC 563 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
EDUC 564 Current Trends in Local Areas: Seminar and Community Service

Program Specialist--ESL Certificate Program
Incomplete Grade Policy for Graduate Studies
Experimental Course Policy for Graduate Studies

Other Issues:

  1. With Dr. McNairy, discussed status of Acting Dean of Graduate Studies search timeframe.

  2. 150th Anniversary Celebration of Graduate Studies Proposal submitted - University 150th Celebration Committee approved portions of proposal for funding.

  3. Two meetings with the Acting Registrar and Associate Registrar regarding the need for a graduate version of DARS and additional academic computing support for graduate studies.

  4. Met with Director of Marketing / discussions regarding recruitment and marketing initiaves for graduate studies.

  5. 5 year review sub-committee formed and completing report, summer 2003.

  6. Annual on campus open house recruitment program re-established and attended by program coordinators.

  7. Annual reception for graduate students established and attended by program coordinators.

    Program coordinators updated the graduate catalog material for the 2003-2005 printing.

  8. Worked with the Director of Testing to establish MAT testing dates and times that are more convenient for working and part-time graduate students.

  9. Continued investigation of recognition options for post-baccalaureate students.

Matters currently in committee:

Implementation of DARS to support graduate studies
Administrative resources for office of Graduate Studies
Administrative support / release time for graduate program coordinators
Sub-committee formed to develop student grievance procedures and dismissal / reapplication policies for graduate studies.
150th celebration of graduate studies - in concert with campus wide celebration
Revaluate the merits of established admission deadlines and rolling admission

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