Millersville University, Faculty Senate

General Education Review Committee

1994-1995 Annual Report

Submitted 2 May 1995 by Robert Wismer, Chairperson

1994-1995 Members Representing Term expires Address
Melissa Dinofia Student Senate 1995 314A Tanger Hall, x.4952
Richard H. Fulmer Social Sciences 1995 Social Work, Chester House, x3739 or 3979
Kathryn A. Gregoire Academic Affairs Biemesderfer, 871-2145
Yvonne M. King Education 1996 Elem. & Early Childhood Ed., Stayer 223, x3390 or 3392
Wai Ling "Amber" Lo Social Sciences 1996 Business Admin., McComsey G14, x3566 or 3757
Joseph M. McCade Education 1995 Industry & Technology, Osburn 100, x3316 or x3321
Delray Schultz Science Match 1995 Mathematics, Wickersham 119, x3531 or 3535
Colleen Stameshkin Humanities 1996 Philosophy, Allegheny House, x3051 or 3052
Marjorie Warmkessel NonSchool 1995 Library, Ganser 110, x3618
Anthony White Student Senate 1995 407B Burrowes Hall, x4566
Liliana Zancu Humanities 1995 English, Bassler 102, x3069 or 3068
Barbara Zimmerman Science Math 1996 Nursing, Roddy 256, x3376 or 3410

Second and fourth Tuesday, 4:10 p.m. to 5:25 p.m., Roddy Conference Room. Attendance at each meeting. 13 Sept(7), 27 Sept(8), 11 Oct(8), 25 Oct(9), 29 Nov(10), 31 Jan(8), 14 Feb(5), 14 Mar(7), 28 Mar(8), 25 Apr(8?). Average attendance=7.7 members

Motions forwarded to Senate
The Committee proposed correctly designating communications courses as "C" and quantitative courses as "Q". Passed by Faculty Senate at its meeting on 21 February 1995.

Other deliberations/actions(not requiring Senate approval)
The Committee discussed and then suggested wording for sections regarding General Education in the interim report for Middle States.

The Committee formulated the first draft of report on General Education. The final draft was submitted by Provost McNairy to SSHE in December 1994.

The Committee has conducted an ongoing discussion of the wording of the goals of the General Education curriculum, including whether the requirements of the curriculum are reflected in the goals and whether each goal is met by an aspect of the curriculum.

Two members (Richard Fulmer and Kathryn Gregoire) attended the April 1995 General Education conference at Penn State, along with another member of the faculty (Beverly Schneller). These three individuals orally presented Millersville's General Education curriculum to the conference attendees and responded to questions.

Matters currently in committee
A survey of the originators of General Education to obtain a sense of continuity of the curriculum's goals is in progress. Members of the committee are contacting individual faculty members who participated in the initation and development of the curriculum

The committee is planning for the required 1995-1996 Program Review of General Education at Millersville.

The committee is planning a survey of campus departments regarding General Education. The results of this survey will be a significant part of the committee's Program Review.

Future plans
The committee envisions the possible use of focus groups to enhance the information derived from departmental surveys. The goal is to determine how the curriculum does or does not assist departments in the education of their student majors, and to solicit suggestions for improvement.

Additions Information and Comments
After an initial year clarifying its mission, the committee has begun to attack some difficulties that it perceives in the GenEd curriculum. It is doing so cautiously, realizing that any changes that will be made must be undertaken with the support of the campus community.

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