Millersville University Faculty Senate

General Education Review Committee

1995-1996 Annual Report

Submitted 6 May 1996 by Robert Wismer, Chairperson

1995-96 Members Representing Term Expires
Bonnie Duncan, English Humanities 1997
Richard H. Fulmer, Social Work Social Sciences 1997
Yvonne M. King, Elem. & Early Childhood Education Education 1996
Wai Ling "Amber" Lo, Business Administration Social Sciences 1996
Mike Masciangelo Student 1996
Joseph M. McCade, Industry & Technology Education 1997
Judi M. Roller, Associate Provost Provost,ex officio
Delray Schultz, Mathematics Science & Math 1997
Colleen Stameshkin, Philosophy Humanities 1996
Dawn White Student 1996
Marjorie White, Library Non-School 1997
Barbara Zimmerman, Nursing Science & Math 1996
Robert K. Wismer, Chemistry Chair 1996

Second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 4:10 to 5:45 p.m. Average attendance = eight members.

Motions forwarded to Senate
No motions forwarded to Senate.

Other deliberations/actions (not requiring Senate approval)
The Committee gathered information for and wrote a (23-page) Program Review of the General Education Curriculum. The information gathered included a survey of the academic departments at Millersville (sixteen departments responded) and a poll of approximately 500 students, in classes chosen at random. In addition, the Committee members reviewed the literature in the area of general education; their summaries of eighteen works consulted are in the report's (44-page) Appendices.

Future plans
The Committee plans to begin work next fall on producing recommendations for assessing the General Education curriculum. Some members intend to make contacts this obtain some preliminary information.

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