Millersville University Faculty Senate

General Education Review Committee

DRAFT (4/26/00--Amended by GERC on 4/25/00)

Coordinator of the General Education Program

Description of Position
The Coorinator of the General Education Program at Millersville University will be a member of the faculty who will be given on-quarter released time each semester to oversee the continuing development and assessment of general education in accord with the requirements and expectations of appropriate accrediting bodies. [Section in italics added on 4/25/00] The coordinator will be the faculty's liaison with the administration concerning general education and will report to the Provost or her designee. He or she will be an advocate for the general education objectives and curriculum, acting with the advice and consent of the faculty and appropriate administrators.

Duties of the Coorindator of the General Education Program
  1. Coordinate the assessment of general education by working closely with department chairs, school deans, appropriate faculty committees, and designated members of the administration.
  2. Initiate and coordinate programs to assist students in understanding and appreciating the general education program and its rationale, especially as part of summer orientation.
  3. Initiate and coordinate programs to assist faculty and staff regarding general education. This may include orientation of new faculty, continuing education for all interested faculty, and special events.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member of the General Education Review Committee.
  5. Consult, as needed, with a member of the administration designated by the Provost.
  6. Advise the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee with respect to the general education curriculum.
  7. Compile an annual report on general education to be presented to the Faculty Senate.
  8. Assist the General Education Review Committee in conducting the five-year performance review of the general education program.

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