Millerville University, Faculty Senate

General Education Curriculum

Program Review

May 1996

A. Program Mission

General Education is a program of study that should introduce students to a broad foundation in liberal arts and sciences: the humanities, fine arts, natural, and social sciences. The purpose of the General Education program is to "cultivate the intellect by educating students to reason logically, to think critically, to express themselves clearly, and to foster an understanding of the human condition and the role of value judgments in the human experience" (1988 Revised General Education Curriculum, compiled with Faculty Senate Amendments by Colin McLeod, 1990, pp. 1-2). A general education program should provide the foundation for intellectual development and also the sense of the interrelationships among the various disciplines. One of the departments surveyed characterizes the general education program as an intellectual "safety net," that assures each graduate of having faced "those intellectual challenges that define the baccalaureate experience." Through its emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences, Millersville's general education program is intended to give students the background in writing, speaking, and critical thinking across a broad range of subjects that they will need to advance through their careers and address the wide variety of problems they will face as citizens. The Millersville general education program prepares students for productive and meaningful lives beyond their professional careers, enabling them to pursue personal development through a lifetime of learning.

Demand for and Reputation of Program
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