Millersville University, Faculty Senate

General Education Curriculum

Program Review

May 1996

Curricular Currency

Fundamental Skills

2. Fundamental Skills--These are a common set of abilities that include: writing, speaking, logical and critical thinking, foreign language, mathematics, and academic computing.

The General Education Curriculum now demands that students be instructed in English composition and oral expression early in their academic careers so that they may build upon those skills. There also is a requirement of studying methods of quantitative analytical reasoning, that is, of studying a quantitative technique for its own sake and not simply as a means for learning another discipline. Finally, the requirement of a laboratory science remains. This should foster observation to obtain data, rather than reliance on printed sources. In contrast, there are no specific requirements in critical thinking, foreign language, or academic computing. While such requirements are not listed on a course-by-course basis, some are embedded under other labels, such as the "reasoning" goal.

Curricular Currency
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