Millersville University, Faculty Senate

General Education Curriculum

Program Review

May 1996

Curricular Currency

Tighter Curriculum Structure

4. Tighter Curriculum Structure--This can be manifested in three ways: (1) specific courses in certain academic fields, (2) courses specifically designed for general education, and (3) interdisciplinary core requirements.

The present General Education curriculum definitely is tighter than formerly. This, in fact, is one complaint of students. It is difficult for the undecided student to satisfy the requirements of General Education because not all courses have been approved as General Education courses. This was not the case with the former curriculum; all courses in three divisions of the University were general education courses by their very existence. On the other hand, aside from English 110 and Communications 100, there is no rigid prescription of courses. Experiences at other institutions seem to indicate that a core curriculum is unlikely to succeed where it is not a tradition.

Curricular Currency
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