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Submitted May 25, 2006 by Melinda M. Rosenthal, Chair

2005-2006 Members Department Term expires
M. Rosenthal, Chair English 2007
A. Decaria Earth Sciences 2006
O. Edeh Special Education 2006
K. Saunders Counseling/Human Dev. 2006
F. Balsam Student 2006
M. Schoppy Student 2006
M. Terenzoni Student 2006

One meeting held on 3/23/06.

Motions/Recommendations Forwarded to Senate:
Motion to constitute the Educator-of-the-Year Selection Committee as follows:

A committee of 7 members—4 faculty members (1 from each school and 1 non-school) elected by Faculty Senate; 2 undergraduate students elected as sophomores or juniors by Student Senate, and 1 recent (graduated within the past 5 years) alum selected by the Alumni Association.

All members will be limited to two-year terms, and will then be ineligible to serve again for 5 years. Each year’s award recipient will be strongly encouraged to serve on the committee the following year. If a committee member accepts a nomination for the award, a second election will be held to select a replacement member from the same academic unit. On the first committee, 2 faculty members and 1 student will serve 1-year terms and the other 4 members will serve 2-year terms.

Other Deliberations and Actions:

Matters currently in committee:

Future Plans:
The committee will meet when next charged to do so by the Faculty Senate.

Additional Comments:

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