Millersville University, Faculty Senate


TO: Professor Don Eidam, Chair
Faculty Senate
FROM: Francine G. McNairy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
DATE:> January 10, 1996
SUBJECT: Four-year Degree Commitment

This memo is written to request that the Joint Faculty-Student Conference Committee work with two members of the Deans' Council in providing an official statement regarding Millersville University's ability to enable students to graduate with a baccalaureate degree within a four-year period. You may recall that I addressed this at the last faculty senate meeting of the 1995 Fall Semester. Millersville University does make an effort to enable our students to graduate within a four-year time limit, but we can make substantial improvement. In addition, we should share our good track record with appropriate constitutent groups and potential students.

The Ad hoc Committee should address the following issues in its deliberations:

      1. Determine what percentage of our students do in fact graduate in four years.
      2. Determine what degree programs enable students to graduate within four years.
      3. Determine what strategies the University employs to enable students who take an appropriate number of credits to graduate in four years.
      4. Determine what the issues and requirements would be so a student could graduate within four years.
      5. Determine what the issues and requirements would be that the University must address to increase the number/percentage of students who want and can complete the baccalaureate degree in four years.
      6. Determine which degree programs prohibit a student from graduating within a four-year time period.

Thank you for your assistance in addressing this matter.

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