Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course & Program Review Committee

1994-95 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 5/2/95 by Colin McLeod, Chairman

1994-95 Members Representing Term Expires
Mr. Yehoram Berlinski Student Senate
Prof. Aida Ceara, Dev. Studies Non-School 1995
Dr. Fritz Erickson, EDFN Education 1995
Dr. James Fenwick, Mathematics Science & Mathematics 1995
Dr. Enyang Guo, BUAD Social Sciences 1996
Mr. Edwin Kobeski Student Senate
Colin McLeod Chairman 1997
Dr. Beverly Schneller, English Humanities 1996
Dr. Sandra Turchi, Chemistry Science & Mathematics 1996
Dr. Tae Woo, Psychology Education 1996
Dr. Isaac Catt, Comm/Theatre Humanities 1995
Vacant Seat Social Sciences 1995
Office of the Provost (ex officio)

2nd and 4th Tuesdays (also 5th Tuesday in absence of a Faculty Senate meeting) from 4-6 p.m.
Average attendance: 9 members
Meetings held: 14
Meetings anticipated: 5/9/95 and possibly one during the summer.

Actions by the Committee:
As of 5/2/95, the UCPR Committee has taken final action on 34 items. Of these 33 were approved for submission to Sente, several with mandatory revisions; one proposal was ruled as not having standing before the committee and was returned to the department.

Matters Currently in Committee:
Three items are scheduled for presentation at the May 9, 1995, meeting, and the committee is awaiting required revisions to another proposal.

Additional Information/Comments:
Once again it is with great appreciation that the chairman thanks the membership of the committee for not only the many hours spent reviewing proposals, but also for insightful comments which have led to the adoption of improved proposals.

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