Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course & Program Review Committee

1995-96 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 5/6/96 by Tae Woo, Chair

1995-96 Members Representing Term Expires
Fritz Erickson Education 1997
James Fenwick Science & Mathematics 1997
Enyang Guo Social Sciences 1996
Olga Iglesias Humanities 1997
Susan Luek Education 1996
Judy Roller Office of the Provost
Beverly Schneller Humanities 1996
Joseph Sciaretta Non-School 1997
Hy Tang Student Senate
Sandra Turchi Science & Mathematics 1996
Tae Woo Chair 1997
Vacant Seat Social Sciences
Vacant Seat Student Senate

2nd and 4th Tuesdays and also 5th Tuesday (if no Faculty Senate meeting) from 4-6 p.m.
Average attendance: 9 members
Meetings held: 12
Meetings anticipated: 5/14/96.

Actions by the Committee:
As of 5/6/96, 37 proposals (22 new courses, 3 new minors, 8 curricular changes, 3 requests for change of course labels, and, one proposal for Governance Structure of Women's Studies) were considered by the Committee. Of these, the Committee approved 26 proposals (14 new courses, 3 new minors, 6 curricular changes, and 3 requests for change of course labels) for submission to Senate. Most of these proposals needed mandatory revisions. One new course proposal was withdrawn by the proposer.

Matters Currently in Committee:
Five new courses are scheduled for presentation at the May 14, 1996 meeting. The Committee will also take action on two revised course proposals and one proposal for curricular changes.

Matters for future meetings:
In the process of revision are five course proposals, one proposal for curricular changes, and the proposal for Governance Structure of Women's Studies Minor.

Additional Information/Comments:
I am very grateful for the members' conscientious and dedicated service on this committee. I am especially indebted to Don Eidam, Chair of Faculty Senate, and Colin McLeod, the previous Chair of this committee, for their help and support. They could not have been more gracious.

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