Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

1996-1997 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 6 May 1997 by Robert K. Wismer, Chairperson

1996-1997 members Representing Term Expires
Cheryl T. Desmond
Educational Foundations
Education 1998
John W. Dooley
Science & Mathematics 1998
James W. Fenwick
Science & Mathematics 1997
Olga Del C. Iglesias
Foreign Languages
Humanities 1997
Judi M. Roller
Associate Provost
Office of the Provost
Beverly E. Schneller
Humanities 1998
Joseph A. Sciarretta, Jr.
Developmental Studies
Non-School 1997
Elizabeth A. Thyrum
Education 1998
Robert K. Wismer
Chair 1997
Vacancy Social Sciences
Vacancy Social Sciences
Vacancy Student Senate

The committee met the second, fourth, and fifth Tuesday when classes were in session, except for a Monday meeting on 24 February and one on 21 April. That totals five meetings in the fall 1996 semester and seven meetings during the spring 1997 semester. There were only seven times when any member of the committee was absent, a truly impressive attendance record!

Actions by the Committee:
During the fall 1996 semester, the committee recommended passage of twenty (20) proposals to faculty senate. There were twenty proposals presented to the committee during that semester. During the spring 1997 semester, the committee heard twenty-eight (28) proposal presentations and recommended passage of thirty-four individual proposals to Faculty Senate. One proposal was withdrawn before the committee had a chance to consider it; the chairperson personally requested that the proposal be resubmitted, whether revised or not.

The committee also revised Guidelines for Preparation and Approval of Undergraduate Course Proposals, a copy of which is appended to this report. In addition, the spokesperson for each proposal received in writing (1) acknowledgement that the proposal had been received, (2) confirmation of the time the proposal was to be presented, (3) a statement of suggested modifications, and (4) indication that the proposal had passed the committee and the procedure to be followed for Faculty Senate.

Additional Information/Comments:
The chairperson hopes to place the procedures of UCPRC on the web, so that all faculty have easy access to this information.

The chairperson thanks Don Eidam, Colin McLeod, and Tae Woo for frequent advice and support. He also thanks all members of the committee for their understanding of and assistance to a novice chairperson. Finally, he acknowledges the four dedicated years of service by Jim Fenwick.

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee
Guidelines for Preparation and Approval of Undergraduate Course Proposals
Prepared during March 1984. Revised: June 1990 and May 1997

I. The Course Approval Process (see Governance Manual, pp. 8692)

II. Body of the Proposal (A course is proposed and controlled by a department, not by an individual. The use of first-person singular in the proposal therefore is not appropriate.)

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