Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

1998-1999 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 4 May 1999 by Robert K. Wismer, Chairperson

1998-1999 members Representing Term Expires
Jane Alden, English Humanities 2000
Thomas Baker Student Senate 1999
Robert Buchanan, Mathematics Science and Mathematics 1999
Christine M. Gaudry-Hudson, Foreign Languages Humanities 1999
John Hibberd, Industry and Technology Education 2000
Irene Risser, Library Non School 2000
Judi Roller, Associate Provost Office of the Provost ----
Derek P. Shanahan Social Sciences 1999
Elizabeth A. Thyrum, Psychology Education 1999
Robert K. Wismer, Chemistry Chairperson 2000
Vacant Seats Social Sciences (1)
Science and Mathematics (1)

The committee's normal meeting time is the second, fourth, and fifth Tuesday when classes are in session. The committee met nine times: on 29 September, 27 October, 10 November, 9 and 23 February, 9 and 30 March, and 13 and 27 April.

The committee considered twenty-five proposals and approved twenty-one, suggesting minor revisions to about half of those proposals. The remaining four proposals were withdrawn: one was considered a minor change and three are to be re-presented after some revision. As in the past, the spokesperson for each proposal received in writing (1) acknowledgement that the proposal had been received, (2) confirmation of the time the proposal was to be presented, (3) a statement of suggested modifications if any, and (4) indication that the proposal had passed the committee and the procedure to be followed for Faculty Senate.

The committee also gathered opinions and information regarding the process of approving the distance learning aspect of a course. It drafted a proposal for this process and solicited feedback from department chairs and faculty senators. The final version of the proposal was approved by Faculty Senate on 20 April 1999.

The chairperson thanks all members of the committee for their consistency, understanding, and assistance. Finally, he gratefully acknowledges the four dedicated years of service by Elizabeth Thyrum and two by Derek Shanahan.

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