Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

2000-2001 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 1 May 2001 by Robert K. Wismer, Chairperson

2000-2001 members Representing Term Expires
Robert Buchanan, Mathematics Science and Mathematics 2001
Christopher Corley, Music Humanities 2002
Tanya Kevorkian, History Social Sciences 2001
Thomas Mertz, Computer Science Science and Mathematics 2002
Jennifer Miller, Philosophy Humanities 2001
Irene Risser, Library Non School 2002
Elliot Seda, Educational Foundations Education 2001
James Stager, Associate Provost Office of the Provost
Lillie West, Elementary Education Education 2002
Robert K. Wismer, Chemistry Chairperson 2003
Vacant Seats Social Sciences 2002

The committee's normal meeting time is the second, fourth, and fifth Tuesday from 4:10 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. when classes are in session. The committee met nine times: on 12 and 26 September, 14 and 28 November, 13 and 27 February, 10, 13, and 24 April.

The committee considered thirty-nine proposals and approved thirty-four, suggesting minor revisions to about half of those proposals. Of the remaining five proposals: one had been approved previously and therefore was withdrawn, one was considered a minor change and required no further consideration, two were referred to the Honors Committee and the Humanities Committee before final action, and one proposal is still pending. As in the past, the spokesperson for each proposal received in writing (1) acknowledgement that the proposal had been received, (2) confirmation of the time the proposal was to be presented, (3) a statement of suggested modifications if any, and (4) indication that the proposal had passed the committee and the procedure to be followed for Faculty Senate.

The chairperson thanks all members of the committee for their consistency, understanding, and assistance. Their dedication makes sure that presentations can occur and that proposals can be considered. In addition to considering all proposals, committee members rotate the job of keeping minutes. Finally, the chairperson gratefully acknowledges the four dedicated years of service by Robert Buchanan.

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