Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

2002-2003 Annual Report to Faculty Senate

Submitted 6 May 2003 by Robert K. Wismer, Chairperson

2002-2003 members Representing Term Expires
Julie Ambler, Biology Science and Mathematics 2004
Michele Bote, Academic Administration Registrar's Office
Doris Cross, Developmental Studies Non School 2003
Tanya Kevorkian, History Social Sciences 2003
Suzanne McCotter, Educational Foundations Education 2004
Carol Phillips, Associate Provost Office of the Provost
Deborah Sigel, Art Humanities 2003
Frederika Schmitt, Sociology/Anthropology Social Sciences 2004
Philip Tacka, Music Humanities 2004
Hisaya Tsutsui, Mathematics Science and Mathematics 2003
Lillie West, Elementary Education Education 2003
Robert K. Wismer, Chemistry Chairperson 2003

The committee's normal meeting time is the second, fourth, and fifth Tuesday from 4:10 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. when classes are in session. The committee will meet a total of twelve times: on 10 and 24 September, 22 October, 12 and 26 November, 11 and 25 February, 11 March, 8, 22, and 29 April, and once yet on 12 May during restructured week.

The committee will have considered seventy-nine proposals, suggesting revisions to about one-third of them. After revision, those proposals were reconsidered and approved. Approximately ten proposals were judged not to need the approval of UCPRC. One proposal required substantial additional documentation and will be reconsidered in fall 2003. As in the past, the spokesperson for each proposal received in writing (1) acknowledgement that the proposal had been received, (2) confirmation of the time the proposal was to be presented, (3) a statement of suggested modifications if any, and (4) indication that the proposal had passed the committee and the procedure to be followed for Faculty Senate.

This has been a busy year, with 36% more proposals than last year, a year that was almost 70% above normal. At least 35 of this year's proposals were a consequence of the 120-credit mandate of the SSHE Board of Governors. (This year's total was 106%-41 proposals-above the average of the previous five years.) At least five proposals could not be considered this year because of the large number (31) of proposals received after 1 April 2003.

Proposals considered 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00 00-01 01-02 02-03
34 25 25 46 42 58 79

The chairperson thanks all members of the committee for their consistency, understanding, and assistance. The dedication of UCPRC members makes sure that presentations can occur and that proposals can be considered. In addition to considering all proposals, committee members rotate the job of keeping minutes. Finally, the chairperson gratefully acknowledges the many dedicated years of service by Tanya Kevorkian.

At the end of seven years as chair of UCPRC I would like to thank all members of the University community for their assistance in so many ways. I especially appreciate the ready willingness of proposers to make revisions in a proposal which already had involved much work. I am grateful to all of those who easily understood that I was carrying out the mandates of university policy or committee decisions and who did not confuse the message with the messenger.

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