Millersville University, Faculty Senate

University Honors Program Committee

1996-97 Annual Report

Submitted 5/7/97 by Marjorie Warmkessel, Chairperson

96-97 Members Representing Term expires
Marjorie Warmkessel, LIBR (Chair) 1998
Barbara Stengel, EDFN/UHP UHP (ex officio)
Judi Roller, Assoc. Provost Provost (ex officio)
Ana Borger-Reese, FORL Humanities 1998
Bonnie Duncan, ENGL Humanities 1998
Mary Glazier, SOCY Social Science 1998
Kirsten Madden, ECON Social Science 1999
John Hoover, BIOL Science & Math 1998
Ronald Umble, MATH Science & Math 1999
Dalton Smart, ITEC Education 1998
Thomas O'Brien, EDFN Education 1998
Elaine Pease, LIBR Non-School Faculty 1998
Christopher Garchinsky UHP Students 1998
Kelly McGinnis Student Senate 1998

The committee met 6 times this academic year; average attendance = 11 members

Motions forwarded to Senate:
None this academic year.

Other deliberations/actions: