Millersville University, Faculty Senate

University Honors Program Committee

1997-98 Annual Report

Submitted 5/4/98 by Marjorie Warmkessel, Chairperson

97-98 Members Representing Term expires
Marjorie Warmkessel, LIBR (Chair) 2001
John Osborne HIST/Director UHP UHP (ex officio)
Alison Lathrop ESCI/Asst. Director UHP UHP (ex officio)
Judi Roller, Assoc. Provost Provost (ex officio)
Ana Borger-Reese, FORL Humanities 1998
Bonnie Duncan, ENGL
resigned January 1998
Humanities 1998
Mary Glazier, SOCY Social Science 1999
Kirsten Madden, ECON Social Science 1999
John Hoover, BIOL Science & Math 1998
Ronald Umble, MATH Science & Math 1999
Anita Renfroe, MUSI
Elected February 1998 to fill vacancy
Humanities 1998
Dalton Smart, ITEC Education 1998
Lucinda Ridley, SPED Education 1998
Elaine Pease, LIBR Non-School Faculty 1998
Christopher Garchinsky
Resigned December 1997
UHP Students 1998
Vacancy UHP Students 1998
Kelly McGinnis Student Senate 1998

The committee met 7 times this academic year; average attendance = 10 members

Motions forwarded to Senate:
11/18/97--Prompted by the implementation of +/- grading system, a motion was forwarded to Senate recommending changes to the Governance Manual indicating that a grade of B- or better must be earned for courses to receive honors credit. The motion carried.

Other deliberations/actions:

Approved the following courses as new honors offerings:

Approved the following courses as experimental or conditional offerings:

Voted to support the concept of an honors college as delineated in a document prepared by the Director and Assistant Director of the University Honors Program. This document was shared with Faculty Senate for informational purposes.

Developed a cover sheet to accompany honors course proposals.

Reviewed applications and selected two students to participate in the 1998 SSHE Summer Honors Program, sponsored by Clarion, involving Geology and Archaeology in Italy.

Reviewed applications for summer research grants for students in the University Honors Program. Selected three applicants to receive grants of $1000 each and four applicants to receive grants of $500 each.

Selected students to be recognized as outstanding Sophomore/Junior Honors Student at the annual University Honors Program Banquet held April 14, 1998.

Held a joint meeting with the University Honors Program's Student Advisory Board.

Matters currently in committee:

Review of GEOG 226 (Political Geography); ENGL 333 (Afro-American Literature I); and ENGL 334 (Afro-American Literature II).
Review of newly-developed course proposal cover sheet.
Development of guidelines and criteria for evaluation of proposals for summer research grants.

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