Millersville University, Faculty Senate

University Honors College Committee

2001-02 Annual Report

Submitted 5/7/02 by Tanya Kevorkian, Chair

2001-2002 Members: Representing: Term Expires
Tanya Kevorkian, History Chair 2004
Steven Miller, English Director, UHC
Alice Meckley, Elementary Education Education 2003
Abdelhadi Halawa, Wellness & Sport Science Education 2003
Joseph Galante, Business Administration Social Sciences 2002
Scott Schaffer, Sociology/Anthropology Social Sciences 2002
R. Jill Craven, English Humanities 2003
Darla Williams, Communication & Theatre Humanities 2003
Laura Anna, Chemistry Science & Mathematics 2003
Ronald Umble, Mathematics Science & Mathematics 2003
Scott Anderson, Library Non-School Faculty 2003
Susan Luek, Psychology Ad hoc
Beverly Skinner, English Ad hoc
Elizabeth Kuhl Student Senate 2002
Sarah Jacobson UHC Student Rep. 2002

In September, Tanya Kevorkian, History, was elected by the Faculty Senate to serve as new chair of the Honors Committee.

The committee met four times this academic year; average attendance=8.

Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions:
The Chair appointed two ad hoc members, effective Spring, 2002: Susan Luek, a previous Honors Committee chair, and Beverly Skinner, director of the MU Summer Honors Program for high school students. Both had attended meetings in previous years, and had contributed time and advice to the Honors College, but had not had a formal position on the committee.

The Committee approved a new Honors course proposed by Scott Schaffer, Sociology and Anthropology: SOCY 310H Sociology of Religion.

The Committee selected candidates and alternates for the SSHE Summer Honors Program, which Lock Haven University will conduct in Spain this year.

Matters currently in committee:
Members of the Committee are currently selecting recipients for Summer Research Stipends.

This Spring, the Committee and Director have been developing two advising tools:
  1. An updated Honors requirements sheet and accompanying question & answer sheet addressing questions that Honors students commonly ask.
  2. An updated faculty Honors Liaison system for each department.
Both of these will be ready to go by orientation/early Fall 2002.

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