Millersville University, Faculty Senate

University Honors College Committee

2003-04 Annual Report

Submitted 6/8/04 by Tanya Kevorkian, Chair

2003-2004 Members: Representing: Term Expires
Tanya Kevorkian, History Chair 2004
Steven Miller, English Director, UHC
Abdelhadi Halawa, Wellness Education 2004
Angela Cuthbert, Geography Soc. Sci. 2005
Scott Schaffer, Sociology/Anthropology Soc. Sci. 2004
R. Jill Craven, English Hum. 2004
Darla Williams, Comm. Hum. 2004
Laura Anna, Chemistry Science & Math 2006
Dorothy Blum, Math Science & Math 2005
Kelsey Backels, Counseling Non-School Faculty 2006
Susan Luek, Psychology Ad hoc
Denise Harbaugh Student Senate 2004
Jeanne Couchman Student Senate 2004
Sarah Jacobson UHC Student Rep. 2004

The committee met six times this academic year, including one e-meeting; average attendance, excluding the e-meeting, was twelve.

Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions:

Matters currently in committee:

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