Millersville University, Faculty Senate

University Theme Committee

2000-01 Annual Report

Submitted 5/1/01 by Sepideh Yalda, Chair

2000-2001 Members Department Term Expires
S. Yalda, Chair
Elected from Faculty Senate
Earth Sciences 2002
I. Wheeler Counseling 2001
A. Kelly English 2001
A. Gantt Social Work 2003
T. McDevitt Mathematics 2001
T. O'Brien Educational Foundations 2003
Todd Mealy Student

Two meetings were held during the academic year (4/9/01 and 4/30/01). No formal minutes were taken at any of the meetings. All members were in attendance.

Motions Forwarded to Senate:

Other Deliberations and Actions:
The Committee solicited from Faculty, Staff, and students suggestions for the 2002-2003 Academic Theme. Four proposals were received. The titles of these proposals are listed below and copies of the original proposals are attached to this report:
Theme Proposer
1. Crossing Boundaries: Decolonializing the Curriculum Leroy Hopkins
2. A Commitment to Honor and Excellence Kathy Schreiber
3. Emerging Opportunities for Graduates of the 21st Century Rich Clark
4. Unity through Diversity MU Commission on Cultural Diversity

The Committee met on April 30, 2001 and conferred with the four proposers to hear about their ideas about the intended focus of and events related to their proposed themes.

Matters Currently in Committee:
The Committee will meet during the week of May 7 to decide and make a recommendation to the Faculty Senate in June.

Future Plans:
Next year, the Committee will solicit suggestions for the 2003-2004 Academic Theme and monitor the progress of other themes presently in preparation.

Additional Information Comments:

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