Millersville University, Faculty Senate

October 9, 1996
To: Joel Piperberg
From: Nancy Smith
Re: Academic Theme for 1999-2000

On behalf of the faculty in the Department of Educational Foundations involved in the development of a new leadership program to certify school principals, I submit the following brief description for an academic theme.

Leadership for the Twenty-first Century

Conflict, economic problems, ecological disasters, educational inequities and moral malaise or progress, prosperity, well being and spiritual renewal? What kind of leadership is needed to move humankind toward the latter? We propose the topicof leadership for the twenty-first as the academic theme for 1999-2000.

There is considerable discussion these days about a "paradigm shift" from domination to cooperation, from power over to power with and from power from without to power from within. Is this perceived shift wishful thinking on the part of humanists? Is it a major change in human intellectual and psychological development? Are there individuals, groups or cultures who actually espouse and/or use a leadership style which reflects the "shift"? Is this shift related to quantum physics; acquisition of a global perspective in communications, geography and human rights; and changing political realities? Does the reality of a virus in Africa becoming a global epidemic stimulate renewed concers for self preservation through community? Is this perceived paradigm shift in leadership equally applicable in all contexts? Will our graduates emerge as leaders in their communities, in government, in shools, in research, in creative expression, health care and economic development under a new paradigm? These questions suggest there is reason for interest in this theme related to a very broad spectrum and, therefore, most disciplines.

Our department has a special interest in this theme because we expect final approval of a new masters degree in educational leadership this year. Our first cohort will probably be graduating in the academic year 1999-2000 and we will be pleased to orchestrate a campus wide focus on leadership. We appreciate consideration of this theme and further discussion regarding its merits.

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