Millersville University, Faculty Senate

To: Dr. Joel Piperberg
From: Micheal Houlahan
Date: February 24, 1996

I would like to propose two themes for the your committee. I do not have the time to present you with an in-depth proposal but I would be very happy to work with you if you want more information. If you do consider any of these proposals I would be very happy to serve on your committee.

Proposal A:

I think that it might be of interest for Millersville Academic community to explore the role of the arts in society. This is a theme that can be explored by several disciplines. Foir example:

      1. Inviting Howard Gardner, to explain his research pertaining to Multiple Intelligence and how music and art should be considered one of the intelligences. What are the implications for education? Exploring the notion of creativity?
      2. Inviting the president of the National Endowment, Jane Alexander, to present a lecture on the role of the arts in society going into twenty first century.
      3. Inviting a journalist such as Bernard Holland, New York Times, to begin to discuss the future of the arts or what is art?
      4. Inviting musicians, dancers and artists to discuss their work followed by a concert or an exhibition.
      5. Important discussions could focus on the role of government in supporting the arts.
      6. Censorship and the arts.
      7. Inviting arts organizations from the community to begin a dialogue on the role of the arts in the community.

Proposal B:

I attended a meeting for international faculty several weeks ago. During the meeting I suggested to the international faculty that it might be interesting for the academic theme committee to explore world cultures for an entire academic year. Some of the suggestions were:

      1. Invite speakers to address the issues pertaining multiculturalism.
      2. Have a film series showing films from one or more different cultures through out the academic year.
      3. Have cultural events representing different cultures.
      4. Presentations on the Global Village.

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