Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Women's Studies Curriculum Committee

1997-1998 Annual Report


Beverly Schneller, Chair
Linda Clark-Newman
Tracey Weis
Carol Phillips
Judith Wenrich
Rita Smith Wade-El
Marjorie White
Sandy Yeager
Nancy Smith


In the summer of 1997, the committee met and forwarded its recommendation to Dr. McNairy that Nancy Smith serve as the Director of Women's Studies for the 1997-8 AY. This was the first action which the committee took, having been ormed in the 1997 semester.

The committee approved four courses in the 1997-9 AY:

Anth 226: Comparative Societies: Women and Ethnography
Hist 209: Topics in U.S. History: Women in American History
Edfn 386/586 and WSTU 491: Critical Pedagogy, Justice and El Salvador
WSTU 491: Women Scientists: Success Stories

Schedule of Meetings:

The committee meets on an as-needed basis. When we receive new courses, we meet or correspond by e-mail and have a two week turn around time for our decisions.

For the coming year:

The committee will be designing a new brochure for the program and will be preparing a set of guidelines for faculty to regularize the course proposal submission sequence.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller

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