Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Women's Studies Curriculum Committee

Business 1999-2000

Membership of Committee:

Beverly Schneller, English, Chair

Marjorie White, Library
Linda Clark-Newman, History
Jennifer Ritter, Elementary Education
Judy Wenrich, Elementary Education
Rita Smith-Wade-El, Psychology
Sandra Yeager, Chemistry
Marianne Kerlavage, Art
Carole Counihan, Acting Director, Sociology/Anthropology
Tracey Weis, ex officio, Director, History

The Committee met on 28 April 2000 and approved the following courses:

Communication 429: Gender and Communication
English 429/629: The Black Woman Writer
Economics 327: Women and Global Development
Sociology 339: Gender and The Law

In addition, a new syllabus for a summer section of WSTU: Introduction to Women's Studies was approved. Dr. Schneller will be teaching this course if it makes. Also, Psychology 327: Acquiring Gender--Developmental Perspectives was approved as a Women's Studies course, pending course approval by the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee.

Carole Counihan was approved to continue serving as Acting Director through 2001. Dr. Weis' new responsibilities prohibit her from continuing in her term as Director. Applications for the position of Director of Women's Studies will be sought by March 2001 for the coming three year term, expiring in 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller, Curriculum Committee Chair

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