Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Action Summary
18 February 1997

1. Course and Program Approvals

Program ChangesSenate approved an Associate of Technology in Industrial Technology and an Option in International Business

2. Senate Minutes

Senators must provide attachments that go with minutes either electronically (e.g., email) or on a floppy disk..

3. Election of Faculty Senate Officers

Senate elected B. Schneller for the 1997-1998 academic year as senate secretary.

4. General Education Task Force Report

Senate approved two motions:

Motion 1: Advanced Writing Requirement
The task force should completely withdraw both its reference to the English Department and the statement about the advanced writing requirement.

Motion 2: Controlling Cost
The task force should devise a strategy to assess cost or at least begin planning a strategy.

Senate approved two General Education Review Committee motions (see Attachment B). Motions 1 and 2 passed. Motion #3 reads as follows: That we not submit items in group 1 to the faculty as part of the task force recommendations package, but instead discuss and resolve this issue within faculty senate. Senate amended the motion to read as follows: delete the words, "…discuss and resolve this issue within faculty senate." Then replace those words in motion #3 with "…include them in the rationale."

Senate approved a special meeting on Tuesday, February 25, 1997, to continue discussion of motions concerning the Report of the General Education Task Force.

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