Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Action Summary
25 February 1997

1. Motions Concerning the Report of the Task Force on the General Education Curriculum and Academic Resources

Senate agreed to discuss the specific recommendations of groups 2 and 3, limit the discussion of each group to no more than 45 minutes, and entertain motions at any time during the 45 minutes. Senate is to take action on one motion before moving to a second motion. At the end of the 45 minutes allotted for a group, senate must vote on any outstanding motion.

Senate recommended that the task force express the interim nature of Phase 1, item 6, in their final report.

Senate requested that the task force include the language of B. Duncan's "Write to Learn" document with regard to Phase 1, item 6. It also requested the task force to include inform ation about the history and/or historical nature of item 6.

Senate requested that the task force clarify in item 2, Phase 1, the difference between the liberal arts core and other similar terms such as the general education curriculum.

Senate requested the task force to clarify part a of the rationale for item 1 of Phase 1.

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