Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
18 March 1997

1. Course and Program Approvals
Senate approved three undergraduate and two graduate courses:
MATH 269: Calculus and Actuarial Science Problem Solving Seminar, a new one credit hour course to be first offered Spring 1998.
HIST 209: Women in United States History, a new three credit hour G3 General Education Writing (non-liberal arts core) course first offered as a topics course in the Spring and Fall of 1995 and to be first offered Spring 1998.
WSTU 491: Topics in Women's Studies, a one to four credit hour new non-general education elective topics course to be first offered in the Fall of 1997 or Spring of 1998.
Graduate Courses
PSYC 517: Tests and Measurements, a new three credit hour graduate elective course to be first offered in the Spring of 1997.
BIOL 647:Chesapeake Bay System, a new four credit hour graduate course to be first offered in the Fall of 1997.
New Program
Applied Mathematics Option
2. Report of the General Education Task Force
Senate recommended to the General Education Task Force that "If the faculty fails to approve a revised general education curriculum by Fall, 1999, that resolves the issue of whether or not some or all label require ments should be kept, C, Q, W, and QARC label requirements will be maintained as of Fall 1999."
3. Expansion of the Academic Standards Committee
Senate will hold elections at the 1 April 1997 meeting to elect four new members of the Academic Standards Committee.
4. Nominations for Fall Senate Elections
Senate voted to open nominations for its Fall elections on 1 April 1997.
5. Faculty Emeritus
Senate recommended Sarojini Lotlikar as Assistant Professor of Librarianship emeritus and Linus Czap as Professor of Special Education emeritus.
6. Election Results
Senate elected I. Wheeler of the Counseling and Human Development Department to the University Theme Committee, a nonschool position ending in 1998.

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