Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
19 June 1997

1. Course and Program Approvals
Course Approvals:
HNRS/BIOL 266: Advanced Principles of Cell Biology
BIOL 424: Mycology
BIOL 428: Plant Morphogenesis
CHEM 381: Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 482: Polymer Physical Chemistry
COMM 217: Interpersonal Communications, a C General Education course.
COMM 342: Theories of Rhetoric
COMM 441: Political Communication, a G1, W General Education course.
HUMN 370: Russian Folk Culture, A Perspective Course
MATH 471: Mathematical Modelling
OSHM 321: Environmental and Industrial Hygiene I
OSHM 422: Environmental and Industrial Hygiene II
Program Approvals:
An Academic Minor in Computer Science
A Policy from the Biology Department about Retention in the Major
Actuarial Science and Statistics Options in Mathematics
An Option in Botany (with two accompanying courses)
2. Revisions of Governance Manual Due to Implementation of Plus/Minus Grading System
Senate approved a series of motions:
Motion #1: Any reference to a letter grade "average" in the GM be converted to its numerical equivalent (with the exception of final exam exemption, see Motion #2).
Motion #2: The final examination policy of the University shall permit a faculty member to excuse a student from the final exam providing the student has attained excellent achievement (a grade above A-) prior to the final exam.
Motion #4: Any reference to a letter grade minima be changed to the minus version of that grade (with the exception of minimum earned credit section on p. 93 under "Grading and Quality Point System"). In addition to the specific references listed in the motion, a Piperberg/Stameshkin amendment was made that students must receive a grade of C- or better in English Composition (ENGL 110) and Speech (COMM 100).
Motion #5: A student has the privilege of repeating at Millersville courses for which he/she had previously received a grade at Millersville. Ordinarily this only applies to courses in which grades of D+, D, D-, F, WP, WF, I, Z or U have been received. A student could, with advisor approval, elect to repeat a course in which an earlier grade of B+, B, B- or C+, C, C- was earned.
Motion #6: University Policy accepts "D-" as a minimum earned credit. There are certain general education and department major competency requirements that are only satisfied by a higher minimum grade. If a student earns less than this higher minimum grade in such a course, the credits for this course will count toward completion of university credits, but MIGHT not count toward completion of general education and department major requirements.
3. Amendment to the Governance Manual Option Policy
Senate approved a motion to revise the GM to extend to options the current policy regarding majors and minors, stating that 50% of work required must be completed at Millersville.

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