Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
16 September 1997

1. The Senate approved the addition of the "provost's designee" to the charter of the International Selection Committee (GM, p. 23) on a Dorman-Borger-Reese motion
2. On a McCade-Piperberg motion to suspend the rules, R. Frerichs was elected chair of the Faculty-Student Athletic Committee.
3. Elections were conducted filling vacancies on the Commencement Speaker Committee, the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee, and the Joint Senate Conference Committee.
4. The proposal to enact a one-meeting rule for undergraduate course approvals passed on an Eidam-Dorman motion.
5. The OSHM proposal, which raises the total number of credits in the major, the minor, and the pending A.A. degree, passed on a McCade-Dorman motion.

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