Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
3 February 1998

1.) Senate elected Joel Piperberg, Chairperson 1998-1999, and Melinda Rosenthal, Vice-Chairperson, 1998-1999.
2.) Retired faculty members Carl Kane, Eugene "Cy" Fritz, and Donald Tribit were recommended to the Council of Trustees for emeritus status.
3.) On a Kerper-McCade motion, action on the position for a Director of General Education was referred to GERC.
4.) The Academic Proposal Form was approved on a Dorman-Piperberg motion.
5.) Two matters were returned to the agenda for 17 February: QPA in the major (see page 4362, Attachment 2 of 2 December 1997 minutes) and the Music Department's Proposal (see page 4364, Attachment 3 of 2 December 1997 minutes).

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