Millersville University, Faculty Senate
20 April 1999

Programs and Courses: Consideration of ITEC 456 Digital Imaging deferred for clarification of the language in the Course Proposal.

R. Wismer presented:

MUSIC Revision of Applied Musicianship
Applied Musicianship

... in Symphonic Band MUSI 120, 121, 220, 221, 320, 321, 420, 421
... in Orchestra and Chamber ensemble MUSI 122, 123, 222, 223, 322, 323, 422, 423
... in Jazz Ensemble MUSI 124, 125, 224, 225, 324, 325, 424, 425
... in Choir MUSI 126, 127, 226, 227, 326, 327, 426, 427
... in Marching Band MUSI 129, 229, 329, 429

MUSIC Applied Musicianship

... in Marching Band workshop MUSI 128, 228, 328, 428

R. Wismer suggested that the following wording be added to the Catalog/and or schedule listing:

"A student may count a block of six Applied Musicianship courses (a total of 3.0 credits) as one General Education course from the Music Department. A student may count no more than two such blocks of six courses for General Education credit. "

Distance Learning Approval Process. The Senate approved the UCPRC Committee's Distance Learning Approval Process Proposal following agreement on three amendments as follows:

  1. Delete the reference to "departmental curriculum committee" because not all departments have such a committee. Item D was thus deleted and Item E was redesignated as Item D. The first sentence of the new Item D was deleted (an Eidam/Wismer motion.)
  2. Second sentence of the new Item D. Wording was included to make it clear that a proposal remained approved by a given method even if the instructor changed (a Rosenthal/Warmkessel motion.) The exact wording appears below:

    "If the department approves of the DL proposal, the course can be presented by that DL method, regardless of the instructor involved."

  3. The first sentences of the second and third paragraphs under "Approval Process" were deleted and the second sentence revised. They should now read:

    "Faculty are presently learning how to implement the necessary methods for distance learning. "

This removed an inconsistency that had occurred because correspondence courses were included under Distance Learning. R. Wismer said that the committee would rather keep the refèrence to correspondence than to make Distance Learning be defined as (solely) technology-based. (See revised proposal attached)

Discussion of General Objectives III was postponed to the next meeting of the Senate. This item has been added to the Agenda for the Senate Meeting on May 4.

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